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Journey to Inner Peace 

Welcome to my blog about my Journey to Inner Peace!

Along my journey, I have had profound experiences and transformations that I would like to share, in hopes that it will also lead you to find peace from within. These experiences and sharing is inspired by my spiritual teacher, Mohanji.  I humbly offer these experiences and sharing to the lotus feet, of Mohanji. 

July 26, 2020: The Sun was one of the 24 gurus, or teachers from nature of Lord Dattatreya. 

Though the sun we see in our daily life is one, it appears as many when reflected by water in different vessels. Similarly, the One Real Self manifests itself as the many selves of living creatures when reflected by their physical structures. Again, in summer, the sun draws up the water on earth as vapor and again casts it down as rain in the proper season. So too, the sage gathers a lot of wisdom through his senses and imparts it to his worthy disciples at the proper time. Still, like the sun, he does not egotistically feel, ‘I have gathered such wide knowledge and imparted it to so many!’ Just as the sun illumines the many forms in nature to our vision, the sage too illumines the true nature of all the things to his true devotees. The self-same sun makes the lotuses bloom, but makes the water lilies close up. So too, human beings receive wisdom from a sage according to their receptivity but he blesses all creatures alike

 Acharya Ekkirala Bharadwaja - Sree Gurucharitra (chapter 4)

July 26, 2020

Happy “Sun”day ☀️ everyone !

Why is the sun an important teacher ?

My lesson learned: The sun ☀️ does not choose whom or what to shine light upon. The sun illuminates all beings regardless of it is an animal 🐶 a human, a plant 🌳 , an insect 🐞 or a sea creature 🐬 .

For example, the sun does not choose to only shine light to only women, and not men, or to give light only to plants, and not animals! The sun does not discriminate between a person’s gender, race, age, or species. It shines light to give warmth, life, and energy to all beings and everything that its rays of light can reach.

Similarly, we should also treat everyone in our lives equally, and not give preference to one person over another. We should treat all living creatures equally, since they come from the same consciousness. No one species is better than another, we are all equal.

I find myself favoring certain people over another. For example, as a young child, I favored my father over my mother because of his light-hearted nature. So I would shower more affection and love towards him. As I grew up into an adult, I realize that I should not give preference to my father over my mother in displaying love and affection.

I realized that I would treat people differently based on what I thought of the person. Based on my biases or judgement of a person, I would treat one person more special than another! I would treat them differently, and that is not the correct way.

How often is it that we judge a person and greet them a certain way based on what they do for a living, or based on what culture they come from ?

Who are we to make such judgments?

We should treat all people and beings equally. We should offer to help and support one another regardless of the person’s background, and regardless of our own judgement of that person. We should show love and affection towards all beings in need. When we judge people, this comes from our mind, or the ego, and not from our hearts.

Contemplation for today:

Do you treat different people or beings differently in your life ?
Why is it that you do so?

There is so much that we can learn from mother nature. Lord Dattatreya learned from observing different aspects of nature. He had 24 different teachers or gurus that came from nature.

The excerpt from above on the description of the sun come from Chapter 4 of the holy book Sree Gurucharitra by Acharya Ekkirala Bharadwaja.

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