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USDA Organic Gymnema Tea 

Gymnema Inodorum Herb

Studies show that Gymnema helps to:

*Lower blood sugar levels

*Reduce cholesterol levels

*Improves blood circulation to lower blood pressure

• Gymnema has a long history of use in India’s Ayurvedic

 medicine. The Hindi name, gurmar, means "destroyer of 


• Gymnema contains substances that decrease the

 absorption of sugar from the intestine. 

Study Source

Phytochemical and Pharmacological Properties of Gymnema sylvestre: An Important Medicinal Plant

Organic Gymnema Tea  

1 Tea Bag Makes 1 Liter of Tea ! (4 servings)

1 Liter = 4 cups of Tea
1 Box = 120 Servings of Tea

  • ✔️ NATURAL ALTERNATIVE: Gymnema tea is safe to drink on a regular basis to help regulate blood sugar levels and support healthy weight.
  • ✔️ EXCELLENT VALUE: Makes 120 cups of tea! Unlike regular tea bags which are made for a single serving, our single tea bag makes 4 cups of tea. One box contains 30 tea bags.
  • ✔️ NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT FOR DIABETICS: Studies have shown that gymenma supports healthy blood sugar levels. When taken in the correct amount, a lowering of blood sugar levels can be detected using a glucose monitor to measure the fasting blood glucose levels within only 3 days of drinking the tea.
  • ✔️ HOW IT WORKS: Gymnema works by blocking sugar absorption in the stomach according to several studies. It is also knows as the "sugar destroyer."
  • ✔️ ORGANIC TEA: Our tea is USDA certified organic. Rest assured that our tea is of the highest quality ingredients with our organic certification.

One Month Supply of Tea

How does gymnema reduce blood glucose levels?

Scientific papers published by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the National Library of Medicine (NLM) indicate that the structure of gymnema molecules, called "gymnemic acid," are similar to that of sugar molecules, allowing them to fill the receptors in the lining of the intestines, thus preventing uptake of sugar molecules.  Gymnema has several plant compounds, including gymnemic acids, quercitol, and stigmasterol, which all help the body maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Gymnema has multiple mechanisms of action within the body that help to normalize blood glucose levels.  The mechanisms are listed below:

1.) Reduced glycogenolysis in the liver to reduce the amount of liver produces glucose 

2.) Reduction of sugar absorption from the intestines

3.) Stimulates insulin secretion from the pancreas

4.) Increased peripheral glucose uptake 

Below is an abstract from a scientific paper,

" Phytochemical and Pharmacological Properties of Gymnema sylvestre: An Important Medicinal Plant," archived from the National Library of Medicine published in 2014.  


"Gymnema sylvestre (Asclepiadaceae), popularly known as “gurmar” for its distinct property as sugar destroyer, is a reputed herb in the Ayurvedic system of medicine. The phytoconstituents responsible for sweet suppression activity includes triterpene saponins known as gymnemic acids, gymnemasaponins, and a polypeptide, gurmarin. The herb exhibits a broad range of therapeutic effects as an effective natural remedy for diabetes, besides being used for arthritis, diuretic, anemia, osteoporosis, hypercholesterolemia, cardiopathy, asthma, constipation, microbial infections, indigestion, and anti-inflammatory. G. sylvestre has good prospects in the treatment of diabetes as it shows positive effects on blood sugar homeostasis, controls sugar cravings, and promotes regeneration of pancreas. The herbal extract is used in dietary supplements since it reduces body weight, blood cholesterol, and triglyceride levels and holds great prospects in dietary as well as pharmacological applications. This review explores the transition of a traditional therapeutic to a modern contemporary medication with an overview of phytochemistry and pharmacological activities of the herb and its phytoconstituents."

Gymnema has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for several centuries as a safe and natural approach to help regulate sugar metabolism.

Our tea is made from gymnema leaves, that are hand-picked at dawn at our organic farm located on the Maetaeng river bank in northern Thailand.

The optimal time to harvest herbs is in the morning, when the leaves have the highest essential oil content, which yields the best-quality dried herb. The soil at our gymnema farm has been pesticide-free and chemical-free for over 50 years.  

Our tea is certified USDA organic, non-gmo certified, and caffeine-free.  

It is important to select organic herbs for your health and for best results.  

When seeking natural herb alternatives to address health ailments, it is very important to ensure that the product is organic and pesticide free.  The chemicals used in pesticides can compromise the quality of the herb and the therapeutic effects of the herb.

Pesticides and chemicals used in non-organic farming are known to cause health ailments such as endocrine abnormalities.    

Our organic farm exports gymnema tea to countries around the world including the Netherlands and Germany.  

People have experienced rapid results in attaining healthy blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels with the blood sugar balance set of organic gymnema tea and gymnema capsules.  

People have been able to reduce or even eliminate the need for medications with gymnema herb.  

Gymnema herb has been shown in clinical studies to support healthy sugar levels in diabetics, healthy cholesterol levels, and  healthy blood pressure.

What is Gymnema leaf? 

Chiang-Da is a king of vegetable originally found in the upper northern region of Thailand (Chiang Mai).  

Chiang-Da is well known in its common names, which are "gurmar," or gymnema.  "Gurmar" means "sugar destroyer," in hindi. It has been used in traditional Thai medicine and Ayurvedic medicine for several centuries as a safe and natural approach to help regulate sugar metabolism. Gymnema has been used for healing diabetes in India and in other countries in Asia for over 2,000 years.  

Organic Farming

Various Health Benefits of Gymnema Herb

How Mrs. Mutita Eliminated Medications with Natural Medicine: A True Story

Mrs. Mutita was taking 16 pills each day, prescribed by her doctor.  She was taking medications for high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.  After her recent check-up, her doctor was getting ready to prescribe more medications, for diabetes because they found that she had elevated blood sugar levels.  

They had also found that her liver function test results were abnormal, which is a known side-effect of statin medications.  Statin medications are a class of drugs that are prescribed to help lower cholesterol levels.  However, it is now known that statin drugs can affect liver function and cause abnormal liver function values.   

Mrs. Mutita's liver function was starting to suffer from taking the statin medication for her elevated cholesterol.

She was tired of having to take so many pills and did not want to take additional medication for diabetes.  She saw how her current medications were negatively affecting her liver and remembered what her grandparents told her about the "chiang-da" vegetable.  Her grandparents used to tell her that chiang-da, commonly known as gymnema, is good for diabetics and lowering blood sugar.  She remembered this when her doctor was getting ready to prescribe more pills for her elevated blood sugar.  

For the next 6 months, Mrs. Mutita made tea from boiled gymnema leaves, from the plant that grew in her backyard.  She drank this tea for the next six months. Chiang-da vegetable, or gymnema is a common plant that is grown in Thailand, since its leaves are traditionally used for cooking. Thai people knew of its medicinal value and incorporated the plant in several dishes.  

After 6 months of drinking gymnema tea, Mrs. Mutita returns to her doctor for a follow-up.  The doctor found that her cholesterol levels, and blood sugar levels returned to normal.  Her blood pressure was also lowered since her last check-up. 

The doctor was able to take her off all the medications that she was previously taking.  

This was such a relief for Mrs. Mutita, since she didn't have to worry about the medications affecting her liver function.  She no longer had to worry about remembering to take 16 pills a day.  

Mrs. Mutita wanted to share her story and the amazing health benefits of gymnema tea to everyone, with friends and family. 

She began to grow the gymnema plant and harvest it to manufacture tea for Thailand and exports to different countries around the world.  

She grows gymnema plants at her organic farm, which manufactures USDA organic gymnema tea.  

Gymnema herbal tea may assist with the regulation of healthy blood sugar levels, healthy cholesterol levels, and healthy blood pressure. 

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