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I'm Dr. Pia Puatrakul.

I am a Medical Qigong Practitioner and a pharmacist.  

Eastern healing modalities, including Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yoga have always fascinated me.  Traditional Chinese Medicine is a preventative approach to health and it also addresses the underlying root cause of disease.  

Through my own journey of inner healing, I have realized that the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of a person must be addressed in order to experience true healing.

Medical Qigong is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  I became a Medical Qigong practitioner in order to help people get to the root cause of a health imbalance, and to heal at all levels, emotional, physical, and spiritual.  

My mission is to support you and empower you along your journey to wellness.

In good health,

Dr. Pia Puatrakul

(978) 235-8782


About Dr. Pia Puatrakul

Pia Puatrakul is a Medical Qigong Practitioner and a Pharmacist.  She believes in the body's ability to heal naturally through increased self-awareness, diet change, emotional healing, meditation, and spiritual practice.  Combining her background in both Eastern and Western healing practices, Pia helps clients to reawaken their natural ability to heal.